Distributions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Interest income earned from all mortgages in the fund are payable monthly to investors in the form of distributions. Total income received the previous month-end are divided by the total number of units held by each investor at the time distributions are declared. They are payable in the form of cash or on a DRIP basis, where distributions can be reinvested to purchase additional units in the individual share class automatically. Our goal is to ensure that the projected, annualized return is met for each CapGap fund share class.

Distributions declared are processed on or before the 20th of each month. A newly on-boarded investor can expect to see their 1st distribution in the 2nd month following their investment but then monthly thereafter. For example, if you invest in October and this is your initial deposit, they will be placed into a mortgage early in November and begin to attract interest from the borrowers starting on November 1st. Your November interest earned will be distributed and deposited on December 20th. Ongoing, distributions will be made on the 20th of each subsequent month.

Cash distributions will be received on the 20th of the month or the first business day thereafter. Olympia distributions will take five to seven business days to appear into your Olympia account after the 20th of the month.

We have enabled the client quarterly statement feature in the software application we use to manage the fund. We will begin sending these directly to your email address on file as of the 21st of January 2024 and quarterly thereafter. Please notify [email protected] if you haven't received your statement.

If you have invested registered funds, through Olympia Trust, sign into https://portal.olympiatrust.com/login and enter your email address and Olympia password then press the "Login" button. Then click on the account type where the funds are invested. i.e., RRSP or TFSA. After clicking the account type, just below the top blue tool bar, (at the top of the screen), select "Holdings" and on the next page, select the blue "Exempt Market Security" button to see your investment which is "CapGap Mortgage Trust", the code description (A, B or C class) and the total number of units held. You will then see the distributions that have been allocated to your selected Olympia account.

For both cash and Olympia Trust investors, you can see distribution information through the Atlas One platform. Sign into Atlas One with your username and password. The next page will have a statement stating what your total asset value is today (of all assets currently held through Atlas One). Click on the "My Investments” tab to see a breakdown of the units held.

We are expecting to meet and/or exceed the projected target on or before the one-year mark of your initial and any subsequent investments.